About Us

Mach Engineering, A division of Meltones Limited, is committed to  prevent the scaling, fouling, pipe corrosion, bio-growth, bacteria and mould in the associated cooling and heating systems, using innovative, environmentally friendly water treatment products and solutions, thereby reducing energy, enhancing energy efficiency and increasing machinery and plant life cycles.

Mach Engineering markets and sells two unique lines of environmentally responsible products. The first line is based on a proprietary nanotechnology developed in cooperation with German, Canadian and American technology for use in washing and cleaning of non-porous surfaces.

The other proprietary line is related to water purification using RO technology and water treatment for HVAC systems.

Mach Engineering seek to deliver non toxic green solutions and best practices which will benefit the occupants of indoor spaces and the environment. At the same time we form strategic alliances with leading companies in order to deliver complete solutions to customer’s needs.

Water Purification and Treatment Products:

SOTA Product Line – Water Purification Systems

Clean CT-01 Product Line – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System Applications using non-toxic technology.

Nano-Technology Protection Product Line – Surface protection (Lotus Seal)

Our Mission Statement:

To be seen as a leader in our chosen markets delivering quality and safe water treatment and purification products and services, to homes and businesses, reducing energy and carbon emissions, using highly innovative and advanced environmentally responsible technologies.