Energy Efficiency Strategy – November 2012

Energy Efficiency Strategy – November 2012

 “We estimate that through socially cost-effective investment in energy efficiency we could be saving 196TWh in 2020, equivalent to 22 power stations6,7”.

Edward Davey Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

The Energy Efficiency Deployment Office (EEDO) has been set up to drive a step change in energy efficiency.

The Energy Efficiency Strategy is designed to maximize the benefits of existing policy and to realize the wider energy potential across the UK economy. .. (EEDO)

Green Deal: energy saving for your home or business

Energy Hierarchy:

1. Energy Conservation – Save energy.

Insulate homes better

Switching off equipments when not in use

Using Occupancy and day light sensors

Turning down thermostats or wash temperatures

Keeping heating, hot water and cooling pipes free from scale

(Every 0.32mm of scale in the pipes  increases the energy usage by approximately 12 %)

2. Energy Efficiency – Improve energy efficiency

Raising public awareness

Use A-rated energy products

Low energy lighting /LED

District heating systems


3. Renewable, Sustainable Energy supplies

Wind offshore/onshore

PV Array

Micro generation

Tidal Power

Wave Power

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