Products & Services

SOTA – Water Purification

The SOTA Water Purification System converts the freshwater suitable for processing into potable water and processing that water into a safe, essentially pure, contaminant free and is like Reverse Osmosis (RO) quality water.



SAWS – Safe Drinking Water

AHDO – Waste Water Treatment


Clean CT-01 – Water Treatment

clean_ct01_water_treatmentThe non-toxic Clean CT-01 water treatment products are good for the Environment and they provide cost savings in energy and equipment maintenance and life expectancy of HVAC equipment.


Cooling Water Treatment

Steam and Boiler Water Treatment

Nano Technology – Surface Protection

nano_technology_lotus_sealLotus Seal™ Penetrating Sealer is a complex proprietary micro- and nano structured polymer which combines the properties of a select group of monomer, polymer, co-polymer and iso-polymer.

Lotus Seal™ uses Nano-technology to mimic Lotus Effect (Lotus Effect refers to the very high water repellence (super-hydrophobicity) exhibited by the leaves of the lotus flower)

Porous surface protection