Cooling Water Treatment

Non toxic Clean CT-01 water treatment

The non toxic Clean CT-01 water treatment program range has been designed to comprehensively treat cooling and steam and heating boiler water. Our solutions addresses issues at the root cause and we target to deliver a sustainable long term outcome for the benefit of the client.

Some of our services include:

  • System rehabilitation /commissioning for both Open/Closed Loops – designed to remove, build up of foul, scale and other contaminants in newly installed or old systems.
  • Closed Loop (Condenser) water treatment – increases tenant’s comfort by improving the heat transfer of the closed loop. At the same time it reduces water consumption and treatment costs by eliminating the need for bi-annual/annual flushing of the system.
  • Open Loop (Condenser) water treatment – provides water savings, keep HVAC system systems running efficiently  (ensures energy efficiency) by optimizing heat transfer and prolongs equipment life. The condenser treatment uses proprietary
  • Intelligent System which deploys complex control philosophy incorporating filtration, auto dosing, disinfection and pre-treatment. This system is complimented with the non-toxic water program, a planned preventive maintenance program.
  • Rain Water Harvesting for Open Loops  (Condenser) – proprietary green technology which will provide immediate water savings  by utilising treated rain water as condensate water.